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Welcome to TreeLink

Powered by Althea

TreeLink is the internet provider, network operator, and installer. Althea provides the routing system and offers level 1 tech support and billing help. Here are a few bits of information you’ll need to use your Althea internet system:

  • Your router’s dashboard is accessible at (bookmark it). It’s only accessible when you’re connected to its WiFi.  You can change the WiFi name and password, see your balance and usage history, add funds, and update your contact details there. 
  • Never hold the reset button for 10 secs.  This will erase the wallet key and special settings necessary for the router to function.  If this happens reach out to TreeLink support and we can attempt to recover the settings and funds.
  • Add funds at, see the connection status of your router, and update your contact details. You can access this site from anywhere and you login using the mobile number associated with the router.  If you have multiple routers, you will see them all and can add funds to each one.  Payments should arrive on the router within an hour.    
  • If you have any questions about billing or your balance has not updated after a payment, etc, you can call Althea at 866-4ALTHEA (866.425.8432). They handle all issues related to adding funds to your router, and any level 1 support questions. You can also reach them via text at 866.425.8432 or email at or via the web at
  • There is an automated system-wide TreeLink status page at where you can see if any of the major relays or gateways are having problems, and you can subscribe to get updates about planned or major service outages.
  • You can leave a message for local TreeLink support via phone/text at 530-453-0374 or email and we’ll usually get back to you within a day or two.
  • Please feel free to refer others who are interested in service to use the inquiry form on the home page.
  • There’s a Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any other questions, email