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Faster, affordable internet in hard to reach places near Nevada City


about us.

TreeLink is bringing faster cheaper internet to hard to reach places around Nevada City.  When your only options are slow DSL, limited satellite, or nothing, TreeLink might be able to reach you.  Powered by leading edge Althea technology, TreeLink is a decentralized network of neighbors helping neighbors reach the Internet almost anywhere.



TreeLink is running a peer network that can likely get you GREAT service for ultra cheap. After installation fees and the equipment I pay 15 cents a gig unlimited gigs plus 20 bucks a month. Way cheaper then anything else and the speed and bandwidth is great!

Danielle Etl

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Our team.

We live and work in the local community.
Thomas Spellman


Nate Prouty

Fiber Provider

Brandon Jonutz


Jon Berbaum




  • $20/mo network fee
  • As low as $0.15/GB
  • Fast & Reliable
  • No data caps
  • No contracts
  • Prepaid
Line of Sight


Line of sight from the ground or a building to an existing TreeLink access point.
Tree Climb Install


Line of sight from a tree to an existing TreeLink access point.
Relay Upgrade


Earn $0.03/GB sharing bandwidth with your neighbors.

Requires a line of sight to multiple neighbors.

Why Select Us?

We understand your need for speed

Business Class Speeds

New members are often surprised to find speeds comparable with their office in the city.

Low Monthly Fees

The median monthly fee is $60/mo for ~250 GB of usage.  Charges are only incurred for actual usage.  If you travel, turn off the router to pay $0.

Extreme Rural Reach

Members who are otherwise under served by existing providers have found relief from TreeLink.

Stream TV and Zoom Calls

Members are streaming their favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu movies and shows in HD and even 4K resolutions. 

High Up Time

During recent storm events, TreeLink had far better up time than AT&T DSL and landline phone service.  We have solar, battery, and generator backup for critical relay locations.

Locally owned and operated

The team all live in the area served and are customers.  We know what it’s like to need speed in our increasingly critical information-based society.

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